Tired of WASTING MONEY with drafty windows?

The WINDSULATOR insulated interior storm system from Michigan Sunrooms is so superior to old fashioned heavy unruly glass and metal storms.  Remember climbing the ladder with a large size window panel? yikes. Check it out: WINDSULATOR


Today's insulated storm window is made of acrylic and installs from inside the home:

* seals out drafts with clear panels

* custom built to fit most size windows, sliding doors, more

* removes easily much like you open a refridgerator door

* creates energy saving comfort for less

* year after year solution

* installed in a few weeks

* gains comfort and savings fast

* great for residential and commercial interiors

* helps absorption and harmful UV rays too

Call 248-880-7896 and schedule a free in-home estimate (there is a 4 opening minimum)


Learn more at the WINDSULATOR site. storm windows for cold bedrooms

Lego brick sunrooms... hmmm!

Walkable Communities Walkable Communities-Placemaking

Creating a sense of place or "placemaking" is a growing concept especially here in Michigan.  Based on the idea that people settle in places that offer the amenities, social and professional networds, resources necessary to support a thriving lifestyle.  Michigan tclickowns and suburbs, cities and rural areas are in transition and many are focused on how to improve our state, retain talent, build a better economy.


Additionally and not surprisingly, recent studies demonstrate that aging Americans (ok don't be mad but those over 50) seek to stay in homes and neighborhoods where they've lived and where they can access walkable communities, transportation, and not migrating in droves to Florida and Arizona for golf-cart populated bingo communities!


These trends are making the services of more important - even more necessary than ever.  If you'd like to learn more, click the links below.  If you'd like a free sunroom design idea meeting, contact us 248-880-7896 or come by our Sunroom Design Center at 32823 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak MI  48073


Birmingham - Royal Oak MI

32823 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak (Birmingham line: E side Woodward S of 14 Mile)

Better light, better views, better life with a Michigan Sunroom to let the light in.

The "just better" sale going on until the end of 2014 offers incentives for sun and shade room purchasers who order now and allow to construct their rooms during off-season times.  e predictably huge bubble of work orders that descends on our small specialty remodeling firm (following Winter in Michigan) in March-June every year can be overwhelming.


To combat this, strongly encourages and (urges with financial incentives) the purchase of a sunroom project now through the end of the year for installation in early 2015 rather than at the height of the addition building season.


No one knows sunrooms better than our team and we have so many materials and designs to consider.  There are drawings to obtain, building permits to consider, and materials custom ordered for each client.  The "just better" incentive allows all parties a more natural flow of events associated with remodeling your home without the impending emotions of "cabin fever" and the competing demands of so many clients wanting their rooms done at exactly the same time.


If you'd like to to benefit financially from a buy now, build later opportunity and an early Spring 2015 project completion date perhaps you should contact for a free onsite design idea and price meeting.  What do you have to lose?  The builder's review of your home's architecture and measurements plus insights into a sunroom design is free to you.


Home sun or shade rooms make great entertainment and recreation rooms for connecting with family, friends, even hosting work events.  They are also idealic settings for drinks, reading, quiet reflection, rejuvenation, relaxation or exercise.  Many clients use Michigan Sunrooms for art, hobbies, home offices, grandparents' day rooms, children's play areas.


Contact at 248-880-7896 to schedule a FREE DESIGN & ESTIMATE MEETING or visit the Sunroom Design Center on Woodward at 14 Mile 32823 Woodward Royal Oak


Fall is a great time to improve your home with busy contractors (especially sunroom builders) fully staffed up and working at full productivity to complete projects before year end and squeeze in a few more jobs before the weather breaks.


There's savings potential and fewer weather delays plus you'll enjoy the outcome this Winter rather than waiting until Spring to build when crews and contractors are spread thin in Michigan. 


Ask for a design consultation soon to ensure your time table can be met and even "buy now for a later build" which is a win win for everyone involved.

A great time to order a sunroom...or at least get an estimate and some design ideas!

Michigan Sunrooms

32823 Woodward

Birmingham Royal Oak




Or use our contact form.

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